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Movement magazine issue 45

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Is there anything left to discover? Dumb question perhaps, but earlier this millennium, there was a very real sentiment in surf culture that new wave discoveries and secret spots were endangered species. Google Earth, social media, surf cams and population growth were all conspiring, said the naysayers, to kill off your chances of finding virgin patches of reef to surf, which all now contained dropped pins, surf reports and armies of trigger-happy amateur photographers splashing their pixels online.

So, is the Age of Discovery no more? Not if the people and places in the following pages are anything to go by.

Introducing MOVEMENT 45 – The Discovery Issue.

The stories and images in our 2019 hardcover instalment – our biggest issue ever at a whopping 206 pages – is our finest offering yet, featuring everything from forgotten film memoirs of Jack Lindholm by Tom Boyle, to the world’s first ever Bodyboard comic, starring Mike Stewart and Tom Morey. But wait, there’s more…

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