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Holding on dvd

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Holding On is the brainchild of Sydney directors and old friends Simon Bruncke and Trent Beattie.

It centres on the 'Skid Kids', six bodyboarding-mad kids from Cronulla who found fame in the 70's.

The road to making the film began when Bruncke graduated from university and started working for Taylor Steele, a veteran producer of surf movies.

"He took a chance on me to run his Australian operations, which was mostly marketing, sales and distribution on all his films, putting together premieres and things like that", Bruncke said. "I loved it"..

That gig led to the director working with Garage Entertainment, the outfit behind 2007's Bra Boys(Holding On is also narrated by a famous actor, though this time it's David Wenham instead of Russell Crowe)..

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