Tender premiere with guest Pierre Louis Costes

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You may have seen that we brought PLC to Cornwall UK. 

An idea sprung to our heads months ago to slide into Pierre’s DM’s and ask about holding a uk premiere for his new film Tender. Within no time he replied with enthusiasm and some proposals on our part which we gladly agreed and the planning took place. 

So the 1st of November arrives and Pierre leaves Portugal ready for his mission to UK. Around 14:00 we get a message saying his flights delayed for two hours and would arrive just after 19:00. 

We drove up to the airport and that was it the friendship grew strong from the initial “Brother good to meet you again” 


After a hour drive west we arrive at the venue PZ Gallery where we aimed to test PLC’s laptop with the projector and the issues started, we couldn’t get anything linking up, so we called Andy Lawrence who was with Mac genius Charlie Jay who helped us with some settings and boom we had a picture but no sound. Fiddling with wires and pulling amplifiers out it’s just wasn’t going our way so midnight struck we decided to call it one and get some shut eye. 

8am 2nd November, we wake smash a bowl of cereal and a coffee sat ready to start watching the rugby World Cup final but im not going to talk about that. The alarm rings for us to drive up the coast where Pierre was to surf with some keen local bodyboarders  for couple hours. 


3miles away from the beach a car decides to slam its brakes on for a fallen tree that stuck out the hedge a small amount. We stop safely checking the rear view mirror we witness a RTC “What else is going to go wrong” but luckily we get to the beach in time to meet the crew and watch Pierre surf at a mind blowing level in below average conditions. 

So I head back to PZ to get this sound working and set up, a few hours pass with great company of Andy and Micky Smith Lukasz and Alan Wilson hanging some epic prints and talking pasty’s. We get some sound but it wasn’t perfect and tried to hire some good speakers last minute but couldn’t so we stuck with what we had. 

Doors open at 19:00, I’m walking around like a nervous wreck, Bruno who has come to set up his Vintage boog collection tells me to breath and chill, the que of people waiting eagerly to shake Pierres hand was massive. 

In they come the drinks are flowing from behind the bar thanks the Sharps Brewery for providing us with delicious Offshore Pilsner. Music is playing and the vibes are solid the stress fades out. 

20:30 comes and we play local edit from Biskit Diaries that gets the froth going, Pierre decides to throw a set of fins and a board into the crowd and Tender is on! Eyes wide open, jaws dropped to the ground watching Pierre scoop into some monster waves and bust his signature back flips perfectly. 
The roar of the crowds yews and claps fill the venue when shows over and we couldn’t have felt more stoked to have presented Tender to you along side Pierre in our little county in England. 

Thank you all so much for attending and here’s to the best British bodyboarding event yet... (Big call but do you agree?)